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LED Lightshow Trees are visually appealing with holiday light show effects in nine distinct animation patterns.

Create a light show with ease by placing this outdoor Christmas decoration in the yard or near the doorway.

Available in different heights and colors, an LED lightshow tree will stun with hundreds of cool white, red, blue, or multicolor bulbs.

Topped with an LED lighted star, LED lightshow trees bring the Christmas tree to the outdoors.


LED Light Show Tree

Multi Color


Led Light Show Tree

Cool White


LED Light Show Tree



LED Light Show Tree


This new LED lightshow tree features 14 animation sequences that create an amazing display.

Animated effects include fades, strands of lights chasing around the tree, staggered fills, chasing twinkles and more.

Or choose steady light display. Installation is quick and easy, so you can have an incredible light show in just minutes! Mesmerize the whole neighborhood with this eye catching, animated Christmas tree.

Available in a variety of sizes with energy saving LED lights.

  • Choose steady light display, or the animation setting, which features 14 pre-programmed animation sequences that loop automatically

  • Two-setting remote control included for steady or animated light display

  • 6 hours on / 18 hours off timer feature built in

  • 120-inch lead for easy connection to power

  • Energy efficient LED lights last up to 90% longer

  • For indoor / outdoor use

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